W3CB Algorand Developer Certification Practice Exams







W3CB Algorand Developer Practice Exams

The Algorand Developer Practice Exams prepare you to sit for the W3CB Algorand Developer 2023 Certification (W3F1) Exam from the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) credentialing body.  With this purchase, you can take 75-question practice exams designed to mimic the AI-Proctored 75-question ALGOD1 Certification exam.  Each practice exam attempt randomizes 75 questions out of over 150 possible questions that you can anticipate seeing on the live AI-proctored exam.   There is no limit to the number of times you can take the practice exam, and the cost is $75.

W3CB Certification Competencies

The practice exam includes questions from the Focus Areas as defined in the W3CB Algorand Developer Exam Competencies.


  • Language: English

  • 75 questions every practice exam attempt

    • 75 questions are randomized out of over 150 total questions.
  • 60-minute timer

    • To mimic the W3CB ALGOD1 Certification AI-Proctored Exam, the practice exam provides you 60 minutes on each attempt.
    • The timer begins upon clicking the START
    • At 60 minutes, your exam will time out, and your answers will be submitted
    • Any unanswered questions will be marked incorrect.
  • Passing Score Recommendation, 80% or greater 

    • The W3CB ALGOD1 AI-Proctored Exam requires 70% or greater to pass.   
    • We recommend achieving at least 80% or greater prior to sitting for the AI-Proctored Exam.
  • Unlimited Practice Exam Attempts