Crypto Trading Course







When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, knowledge is an advantage. Test your skills with the crypto trading simulator.

The Crypto Trading Course provides an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace. Participants don’t have to have any blockchain or crypto knowledge. However, understanding Bitcoin and blockchain technology offers a higher value to those investing in instruments that rely on this technology. Course participants will learn how to begin trading, gain insight into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments, and tips on managing these investments.

Total Hours: 4

  • OnDemand Video: 2
  • Sefl Study Hours: 2
  • Live Workshop Hours: 0
  • Optional:
    • Live Student Orientation
    • Live Instructor-Led AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

Questions We Explore:

  • What are Cryptocurrencies?
  • Who are the members of the cryptocurrency ecosystems?
  • Why are cryptocurrencies important?
  • What are the primary cryptocurrency exchanges?
  • What is a crypto wallet, and how do I get one?
  • Are we in a Crypto Bubble?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Execute cryptocurrency trades with systematic trading processes
  • Understand advanced cryptocurrency terminology and principles
  • Know about terms such as ERC20 tokens, Ethereum Classic, SegWit, SPV & more
  • Understand the basics of mining and setting up a Bitcoin mining facility
  • Build up a systematic trading process from a formalized process
  • Know about four types of wallets and how to secure your cryptocurrency investments
  • Master the art of putting together a profitable, diversified investment portfolio

Graduates Earn:

  • NFT Certificate of Course Completion
  • Prepare to take the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Exam