W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate Level II Certification Exam

· July 20, 2023

W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate Certification Exam

  • Certifying Body:             Blockchain Certification Association (W3CB)

  • Certification Level:       _______

  • Certification Version:  _______

Congratulations on the knowledge you have acquired to date.  This certification exam provides validation of the knowledge you have acquired.

Certification Prerequisites:

  • W3CB _______ Certification

Review Focus Areas Exam Competencies

  • Review the Focus Areas as defined in the W3CB _______ Exam Competencies on W3CB.org.

Course Review

Review the following courses to ensure knowledge competency to pass this exam.

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4

Practice Exam

A W3CB _______ 2023 Practice Exam is available; purchase here.

AI Exam Proctoring

An artificial intelligence-proctored exam provides you the convenience of taking your assessment from anywhere while assuring the validity of your knowledge.  Any attempt to cheat the examination and the AI proctoring engine will eject you from the assessment.  Should this occur, you may challenge the ejection by submitting an inquiry to ch*******@w3**.org.  Your exam will be reviewed.  Should W3CB agree with the ejection, you will need to purchase the exam a second time.

Exam Overview

  • Questions:

    • XX questions randomized out of XX total 
  • Duration:   XX-minutes

    • At XX minutes, your exam will time out, and your answers will be submitted
    • Any unanswered questions will be marked incorrect.
  • Passing Score: 70% or greater

    • One Exam Attempt
    • If you fail the first or second attempt, you may immediately purchase this exam again.  
      • For assistance in follow on exam attempts, please email su*****@w3**.org.

On-Chain Credential Achievement

  • W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate 2023 Certification & Digital Badge

Those passing the exam and earning the W3CB Certification digital badge prove subject matter expertise. Your Certification digital badge image is stored on the blockchain as a soulbound NFT Credential minted on-chain by MyCreds360, issued by the Web3 Certification Board.

You can easily SHARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, additional social platforms, the signature of your email, your resume, and other digital properties. Employers, contractors, recruiters, and investors can easily click your earned certification badge to verify when you passed this assessment.

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