Blockchain Career Path

· October 28, 2023

Blockchain Career Path

This career track, intended for the more technically inclined architecture, security, and development-minded individuals, empowers you to gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to begin to navigate, find work, and deploy projects within the Web3, blockchain and AI industries.  Both industry-established professionals and emerging talent gain the blockchain history, technologies, and ecosystems knowledge base.

Completing this career track prepares you to take the W3CB Blockchain+ Certification Exam issued by the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB).

Your Anticipated Time Commitment: 20 Hours

  • 15 Hours of OnDemand Video Instruction
  • 5 Hours of Quiz Assessments & Self-Study (Reading & Exercises)
  • Extra 2 Hours, or more, when participating in the live instructor-led online AMA sessions

OnDemand Courses included in this career track and their contribution (%) to the W3CB Certification Exam:

Live Instructor AMA Event

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Career Track Outcomes

  • Certificate of Completion – Soulbound NFT Credential reflecting Blockchain Career Track
  • W3CB Web3 Blockchain+ Certification
    • This program’s completion prepares you to sit for the W3CB Blockchain+ Certification exam.  Review exam competencies.
    • Certifying body: Web3 Certification Board (W3CB).
    • Passing score: 70% or greater
    • Exam Attempts included: One (1)
    • Exam Retakes Available: Two (2) retakes within 12 months
    • Practice Exams
    • Passing the exam mints your soulbound NFT digital badge credential to the blockchain.  
    • Share your achievement online, enabling reviewers to easily validate the ownership, date of award, and skills acquired.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons