W3CB Web3+ Certification Exam







W3CB Web3+ Certification Exam

The Web3+ Certification from the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) credentialing body validates your knowledge of Web3 history, technologies, and ecosystems.  The W3CB Web3+ Certification is recognized by the industry as a certification that demonstrates a fundamental level of web3 mastery. As a W3FL1 certification holder, you have proven that you understand Web3 as described in the W3CB Competencies. W3F1 holders have a consistent terminology and approach to Web3. The cost of W3F1 test is $195 USD per attempt. Exam vouchers do not expire and remain valid until used. See all exam focus areas and exam details below.

W3CB Certification Competencies

This exam includes questions from the following Focus Areas as defined in the W3CB Web3+ Exam Competencies.

W3CB Recognized Education Training Program & Practice Exams

While attendance is not a prerequisite, there are courses available to help you prepare for the test and gain a stronger understanding of Web3.  Recognized Programs have been reviewed and found to provide learners with the knowledge that will help them be successful on W3CB exams. Please note that Recognized Programs may not cover all information that appears on your exam. It is important that you review the exam content outline as part of your preparation and seek supplemental resources as needed.

Practice exams are available to help ensure a passing score on the W3CB exam.  Two practice exams covering all the Focus Area materials provide test takers a better understanding of how the questions are structured and help uncover any knowledge gaps.   Purchase the practice exam here. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Exam Proctoring

By using AI-based proctoring, the Web3 Certification Board can ensure the integrity of online exams while balancing student privacy concerns and ethical considerations.

Onchain Soulbound NFT Certification – Digital Badge

Successfully passing the AI-proctored exam results in an NFT digital badge credential stored and verified on the blockchain through MyCreds360.io.   

Accommodations for Physical or Intellectual Disabilities

We take these considerations very seriously and examine each case individually. Please contact su*****@w3**.org regarding your circumstances, and we can advise you on next steps.


  • Language: English

  • Questions: 50

    • 50 questions randomized out of 100 total questions 
  • Duration: 60-minutes

    • The timer begins upon clicking the START
    • At 60 minutes, your exam will time out, and your answers will be submitted
    • Any unanswered questions will be marked incorrect.
  • 70% or greater to earn the Certification

    • One Exam Attempt
    • If you fail the first attempt, you may immediately purchase this exam again and re-take it immediately or any time within 12 months.
    • Practice exams are recommended if you fail on the first attempt. 

Share your achievement and soulbound NFT!

Those earning their W3CB Web3+ Certification NFT badge prove subject matter expertise. Once you achieve your verified digital badge credential, you can easily SHARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms and include the badge image in the signature of your email. Employers, recruiters, and investors can click the badge image to verify when you passed this assessment.