Smart Contract Security







Smart contracts extend the functionality of the blockchain by allowing programs to run on top of the distributed ledger. However, as smart contracts become more common and powerful, vulnerabilities in these contracts have far-reaching implications. This course will showcase common smart contract vulnerabilities, plus how to identify and remediate them.

Total Hours: 6.5

  • OnDemand Video: 4.5
  • Sefl Study Hours: 2
  • Live Workshop Hours: 0
  • Optional:
    • Live Student Orientation
    • Live Instructor-Led AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

Questions We Explore:

  • Why is intelligent contract security difficult?
  • What vulnerabilities do smart contracts share with other programs?
  • How does the design of the blockchain affect smart contract security?
  • What vulnerabilities exist in particular smart contract platforms?
  • How does DeFi create new potential vulnerabilities?
  • How can a smart contract security audit identify vulnerabilities?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the challenges of smart contract security
  • Explore common smart contract vulnerabilities via sample code and case studies
  • Identify best practices for mitigating common smart contract errors
  • Discuss best practices for smart contract security
  • Identify key components of a smart contract security audit

Graduates Earn:

  • NFT Certificate of Course Completion¬†
  • Prepare to take the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Exam
    • This course covers:
      • 20% of the Blockchain Security Professional II¬†Certification Badge
      • 20% of the Blockchain Smart Contract Developer I¬†Certification Badge