Live Online Instructor-Led Hedera Hashgraph Developer Workshop







Live Online Instructor-Led Hedera Hashgraph Developer Workshop

The Certified Hedera Hashgraph Developer course and your Certification, Experience, and Employment outcome are best when partnered with a Live Online Instructor-Led Hedera Hashgraph Developer Workshop.


Attend Multiple Workshops

You can attend this Live Online Instructor-Led workshop as often as you like.  The workshops are held monthly.  Priority seating is provided to first-time attendees.

Hands-On Instructor-Led Exercises covering:

  • Transact HBar
  • Wallet Testnet Account
  • Mirronet Queries
  • Transaction Setup
  • Network Consensus
  • Token and Query
  • Hedera Token Service, Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Hedera Schedule Service
  • Hedera Consensus Service

Benefits of attending the Live Instructor-Led Hedera Hashgraph Developer Workshop:

  • Personalized Learning – Our experienced instructors tailor approaches and answer your specific questions on a 1:1 basis with small groups of learners.
  • Immediate Feedback – If a certain self-paced module is confusing, too slow, or too fast, our instructors can immediately accommodate real-time feedback.
  • Hands-On Experience – The Certified Hedera Hashgraph Developer course already includes hands-on assignments.  The live workshop builds on this experience in a collaborative instructor-led effort.
  • Networking – You can meet both the instructor and others in your workshop who are building their skillset and network of industry professionals. Dedicated time and space for learning also help you better absorb the information and processes to translate your knowledge into your field of work.
  • Blended Learning Lowers Costs and Improves Outcomes – A knowledgeable blockchain instructor’s time and experience are valuable, making 100% live courses, either classroom or live online, somewhat costly and not always aligned with your schedule.  The blended learning approach that the Certified Hedera Hashgraph Developer course, combined with the live workshop, offers you the flexibility to learn the self-paced components at your own pace and attend a regularly scheduled Live Workshop held once a month for a 5 intensive value packed instructor-led hours.  Those able to attend have better opportunities to ask questions, meet a potential partner or employer, and achieve higher passing scores on the AI-Proctored BCA Certification Exam.