BCA Exam – Blockchain Development Decision Microcredential







BCA Blockchain Development Decision Microcredential

The Blockchain Development Decision Microcredential from the Blockchain Certification Association (BCA) is an AI-proctored exam that results in an NFT digital badge credential stored and verified on the blockchain. To prepare to sit and pass this assessment, complete the course.

  • Questions: 30
  • Duration: 60-minutes

You must achieve 70% or greater to earn the microcredential. Once you make your verified digital badge, you can easily share your achievement on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as include the badge image in the signature of your email. Employers, recruiters, and investors can click the badge image to verify when you passed this assessment. The benefit of an AI (artificial intelligence) proctored examination and a verified on-chain credential is it impossible to cheat. Those earning their BCA badge prove subject matter expertise.

The course and exam resulting in a Blockchain Development Decision Microcredential is a core achievement to earn on the path to mastering blockchain project management, development, or business strategy. Complete this step and go on to a career as a Blockchain Entrepreneur, Blockchain Supply Chain Professional, Blockchain Finance Professional, Blockchain Healthcare Professional, Blockchain Insurance Professional, Blockchain Legal and Regulatory Professional, Blockchain Security Professional, Blockchain Project Manager,  Agile Blockchain Scrum Master or a Multi-Protocol Blockchain Developer.

  • Blockchain Certification Association Mission Statement – To create and deliver superior Industry Standards to blockchain education.
  • Blockchain Certification Association Vision – To provide a single source for individuals to validate their knowledge and skills for themselves and employers in blockchain technology.

Web3 skills are already number one in demand by Fortune 500 employers and startups alike. Earn these skills to achieve 10% to 40% higher pay and more opportunity as we live through significant societal and technological change.