Algorand Developer with Live Workshop







Algorand Developer

Three Hour Instructor-Led LIVE Online Workshop included with your enrollment.

Who is it for? – Prerequisites

The Certified Algorand Developer course is for developers who want to demonstrate their ability to manage the end-to-end application lifecycle, including developing, packaging, and deploying Algorand applications or smart contracts. In addition, this course enables developers to build state-of-the-art application features using Algorand software development kits (SDKs) and Developer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

What it Demonstrates

A Certified Algorand Developer demonstrates the knowledge to develop and maintain Algorand Distributed Applications (DApps), client applications, and smart contracts. The Certification credential verifies the skills and knowledge of Algorand use cases, Algorand Development Ecosystem that includes DApps, Smart Contracts, and features using the latest Algorand APIs SDKs and development model. A developer must also be able to:

  • Build and configure a development environment.
  • Develop and build Algorand applications, smart contracts, and other applications using Algorand SDKs and APIs.
  • Complete the end-to-end application lifecycle, i.e., build and test applications.
  • Install, build, and develop in one of the many Algorand SDK programming languages.
  • Passing a high integrity exam demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform challenging real-world tasks under time constraints and your extensive Algorand skills and understanding.

Total Hours: 15

  • OnDemand Video: 4
  • Sefl Study Hours: 8
  • Live Workshop Hours: 3
  • Optional:
    • Live Student Orientation
    • Live Instructor-Led AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

We hope you enjoy the course and gain the skills needed to propel your web3 career.