AI Prompt Engineering 201: Advanced Topics







This comprehensive course delves into the advanced applications of ChatGPT across various content domains, including book reviews, social media marketing, idea generation, storytelling, explaining complex topics, and interview preparation. Additionally, students will explore creating and implementing engaging role-playing prompts for ChatGPT to simulate social interactions, explore various perspectives, and enjoy creative conversations.

Total Hours: 4

  • OnDemand Video: 2
  • Sefl Study Hours: 2
  • Live Workshop Hours: 0
  • Optional:
    • Live Student Orientation
    • Live Instructor-Led AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Leverage ChatGPT to generate content for a range of applications, such as book reviews, social media marketing, and storytelling
  • Utilize ChatGPT for brainstorming, idea generation, and simplifying complex subjects
  • Employ AI-generated content for interview preparation and professional development
  • Create engaging and contextually accurate role-playing prompts for ChatGPT to explore diverse perspectives and simulate social interactions
  • Analyze and evaluate the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of AI-generated content across various content domains and role-playing scenarios

Graduates Earn:

  • NFT Certificate of Course Completion¬†
  • Prepare to take the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Exam
    • This course covers:
      • 20% of the AI Prompt Engineer I¬†Certification Badge