No-Code Lab with Accelchain

· April 10, 2024

Build, Validate, and Deploy secure Web3 applications without writing any code!

Live Instructor-Led no-code web3 lab

During this live online workshop, you will learn about the technicalities of blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts and how to use Accelchain to build, test, audit, and deploy Web3 apps seamlessly.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Learn the basic concepts of blockchain & smart contracts and how they provide value in today’s world.
  2. Get a glimpse of a day in the life of a blockchain Engineer and their career prospects and opportunities.
  3. Understand the lifecycle of smart contracts.
  4. Use Accelchain hands-on to create, test, audit, and deploy smart contracts in under 60 minutes.
  5. Q&A.

What the Accelchain Lab enables you to do without any technical or development capabilities.

  • Deploy Web3 apps in minutes – Web3 app development lifecycle is 8-10 times faster.
  • AI-enabled – Our Generative AI will build your complete app from your use case described in simple words
  • Create custom solutions – Our Generative AI can build any custom app from just the use case
  • Build secure Web3 apps – Performs autonomous security audits of Web3 apps and suggests fixes
  • Functional testing​ – Auto-generates functional test cases, executes them, and auto-fixes errors

Web3 apps in 3 simple steps!

  1. Choose your template
  2. Add or Delete modules
  3. Deploy on any chain

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons