Ethereum Developer Workshop

· July 19, 2023

Ethereum Developer Workshop

The Ethereum Developer Workshop is for existing developers who wish to understand how to create and integrate Ethereum-based decentralized applications (“dApps”). This live instructor-led developer workshop gives a top-down view of all important aspects of creating a dApp, an overview of how the Ethereum blockchain works, which is different from traditional architecture, and set up a working environment of new developer tools. Participants will learn Solidity, the primary language used for creating smart contracts on Ethereum. And after learning how to write, deploy, test, and interact with smart contracts, Participants see real examples in action by mimicking real running protocols. Graduating participants will connect smart contracts to a user interface, illustrating their ability to develop sophisticated dApps.


  • The completion, or near completion, of the Ethereum DApp Developer Course.
  • A minimum of a year of software development experience using C++, Python, and JavaScript. C++, Python, and JavaScript influence Ethereum’s built-in programming language Solidity. Students need to be familiar with these languages to program in Solidity.
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons