Agile Blockchain Scrum Master

· July 22, 2022

Agile Blockchain Scrum Master

The modern software development industry demands project management methodologies covered in the Agile Blockchain Scrum Master course. Agile and scrum are similar project management systems with a few key differences. Agile is more flexible and promotes leadership teams, while scrum is more rigid and promotes cross-functional teams.

Agile lets teams develop projects in small increments called “sprints” and allows for more effective collaborations among teams working on complex projects. Companies of all sizes use agile scrum methodology to provide high-end collaboration and efficiency for project-based work.

Agile and scrum are two different methods and can be used separately; however, their combined benefits make the agile scrum methodology the most popular use of agile.


Working knowledge of Project Management. A background in technology and leading application development is helpful but not required.  

Total Hours: 20

  • OnDemand Video: 10
  • Sefl Study Hours: 5
  • Optional:
    • Live Student Orientation
    • Live Instructor-Led AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)


Working knowledge of Project Management. A background in technology and leading application development is helpful but not required.  

Questions We Explore:

  • What is Scrum and Agile?
  • What are the Scrum Master values principles?
  • What are the Scrum and Agile methodologies, roles, and events?
  • How does one apply Scrum and Agile practices to Blockchain product and device development?
  • What are process design considerations?
  • What are examples of practical implementations?
  • How do we scale the Scrum and Agile solutions to deliver complex products and improve the products continually?
  • How do we test and demonstrate complex emerging technology products and devices?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying the options for Agile process solution design 
  • Learn about various techniques to blend Scrum and Agile methodologies for an optional solution
  • Understand the Agile Manifesto and various families of Agile Methodologies and how they apply to building not only Blockchain products but also all products
  • Awareness of Scrum and Agile roles, responsibilities, alignments and other items required for successful product delivery
  • Understand how Scrum and Agile can make complex product delivery more manageable
  • Working with teams  to help them design their own Scrum and Agile process design
  • Focus teams on integration solutions to fellow counterpart teams to blend their team output  into the product delivered to the customer
  • Ability to execute on developing product maintenance plans

Graduates Earn:

  • NFT Certificate of Course Completion
  • Prepare to take the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB) Exam
    • This course contributes to the knowledge required to pass the following AI Proctored exams: 
      • 5% of the Certified Smart Contract Developer Level II
      • 40% of the Certified Blockchain Project Manager Certification Level II
      • 20% of the Certified Ethereum Developer Level II
      • 20% of the Master Blockchain Developer Level III
      • 15% of the Certified Blockchain Enterprise Professional Level III

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Course Includes

  • 40 Lessons
  • 15 Exams
  • Course Certificate